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An important characteristic of Morano & partners is its long tradition and high level of specialisation in all areas of administrative law, from building law, licenses and authoritations , alternative and renewable sources telecommunications, electronic communication and competition to public procurement, public works and infrastructure, local public services and transport, and publicly held companies.

In addition to dealing with traditional matters, particular attention is dedicated to civil law, from family law, consumer protection, obligations and contracts, labour law, commercial law, sport law.

The firm offering assistance to public administration agencies, individuals and public and private enterprises. For us is very important establish an atmosphere of cordiality with a client and are usual agree on a fair and personalized price with a client.

Service areas include too advisory and litigation services to companies and managers in relation to the following types of business crimes: white collar, tax, administrative, environmental, workplace safety, money laundering, privacy and, in general, the various types of business activities that can result in criminal charges in Italy.

In all its practice areas, the Firm offers extra-judicial legal counsel and provides assistance during proceedings. It boasts considerable experience in the field of arbitration and judicial assistance before national and European courts of law.

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